Toro Verde Adventure Park: Zip Line in Puerto Rico

If you have any kind of love for zip lining, this zip line in Puerto Rico is not to miss! Toro Verde (Green Bull) is an adventure park in Puerto Rico that will definitely thrill most, including series of zip line and a suspension obstacle course.

Aside from being set in the gorgeous lush jungle, this zip line in Puerto Rico features some of the longest fastest and most unique lines we have had a privilege to experience.

The scariest? The Monster, the longest zip line in the world with a 2.5 km cable ( size of 28 football fields). That is worth trying!
Our favorite zip line in Puerto Rico, though? The Beast, a flying dual zipline, mountain to mountain. It is not for weak-hearted.

And if zip lining is not for you, you can always sit and enjoy the views while your friends and family scream their faces off.

Tell us in comments: do these pictures of the flying zip line make you scared or do they make you want to go and try it?


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